Centro Uffici Napoli




Business Incubator Naples Italy


Business Incubator Naples Italy


Centro Uffici Napoli is a business incubator available for international development of new and startup companies interested in Campania economy.

Centro Uffici Napoli helps new and startup companies to develop by providing services such as consulting, management training, office space, serviced premises and labs. Centro Uffici Napoli has develpoed programs that offer support in form of consulting, office and lab spaces and other services. Centro Uffici Napoli can serve any and all companies: entrepreneurs who wish to enter a business incubation program must apply for admission to get office space and shared administrative services.
It is available also virtual clients incubation program. These companies do not reside in the incubator facility and may be remote from the incubation facility, and so can receive virtual office services and counseling and other assistance by mail, fax, phone and web.

Through Centro Uffici Napoli, the company Incubatore S.r.l. facilitates the establishment and the development of foreign companies near Naples and Southern Italy:

  • promoting business opportunities

  • helping foreign investors to establish or expand their operations

  • supporting investors throughout the investment life cycle

  • offering serviced offices and premises for rent and tutoring services for investments.


 Labs and premises





Low cost location to start your business

Centro Uffici Napoli has private incubation programs, where to locate your business. Centro Uffici Napoli focus also on start-up and early-stage companies, providing assistance, office spaces, labs and resources necessary to establish and build a successful business. Centro Uffici Napoli also offers a location for independent workers and entrepreneurs who desire community and synergy by providing collaboration and basic office supplies.
Centro Uffici Napoli program typically provides a location for you to start your business with low overhead costs and a variety of other amenities as business mentoring, networking.
But over all Centro Uffici Napoli provides a low-cost location with a variety of features ranging from meeting rooms to answering services to laboratory research facilities.

Centro Uffici Napoli is designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services that could include physical space, capital, coaching, common services, and networking connections. Business incubation programs are often sponsored by private companies. Their goal is to help create and grow young businesses by providing them with necessary support and financial and technical services.
Centro Uffici Napoli provides numerous benefits to owners of startup businesses. Their office and manufacturing space is offered at below-market rates, and their staff supplies advice and much-needed expertise in developing business and marketing plans as well as helping to fund fledgling businesses. Companies typically share telephone, secretarial office, and production equipment expenses with other startup companies, in an effort to reduce everyone's overhead and operational costs.



 External spaces

Business Centres Naples Southern Italy

Business Centres Naples Southern Italy


Easy parking

Business Centres Naples Southern Italy

Business Centres Naples Southern Italy

Business Centres Naples Southern Italy

Business Centres Naples Southern Italy Business Centres Naples Southern Italy Business Centres Naples Southern Italy





Meeting Rooms


Conference Centre


Serviced Offices Naples Southern Italy

Meeting Rooms Naples Southern Italy

Classrooms for rent Naples Italy

Conference centre Naples Italy


Offices. Large and small workspaces which are both furnished and wired up with lots of included services as well as and flexible contracts to benefit your company.

Meeting rooms. Your meeting room available every time you need it for as long as you need it

Classrooms. Choose the technology and layout for your training courses

Conference centre. Choose from the rooms and layout to host your events in Naples

From 199 per month

From 49 per full day

From 69 per full day

From 99 per full day






Day Office

Virtual Office

Registered Address

Business Incubator


Day Offices Naples Southern Italy

Virtual Offices Naples Southern Italy

Registered Office Address Naples Southern Italy

Business Incubator Naples Italy


Day office. Your office, in Naples, even just for an hour, a day, a week. A new way of considering the office: complete workspaces as well as temporary meeting rooms for a flexible, profitable company.

Virtual office. Our virtual office services offer you a professional Business Address in Naples, a dedicated phone number with call forwarding,  Fax 2 Email, PO Box, mail handling, including also a meeting room or a day office to be reserved at least 48 hours in advance

Registered Address. A PO Box and a registered office official address for your company in Italy. We can take care of the post and make sure it's forwarded or held according to your instructions.

Business incubator. Startup Office All Inclusive 99 offers professional advice, mailbox for company domiciliation, phone number with call forwarding, fax 2 Email and a day use of coworking, meeting room or a private office, subject to availability and reservation at least 48 in advance

From 69 per full day

From 99 per month

From 49 per month

From 99 per month







 Centro Uffici Napoli

Business Centres Naples Southern Italy

Business Centres Naples Southern Italy

High tech Serviced Offices

Centro Uffici Napoli business centre, near Naples, has about 100 serviced offices and premises, 4 meeting rooms, indoor and outdoor areas, wide parking space and a snack & coffee area. Serviced Offices can be provided with: fully furnished offices, cabled and Wi-Fi broadband Internet, IT support, reception services, car parking, air-conditioning, cleaning, meeting rooms, lift, private and common separate WC (male/female), ISDN and VOIP Phone System, 24-hour access, security, CCTV, Virtual office options, print services, scanning, photocopying. Rooms are provided with every comfort to host events, conferences, training courses. 


Serviced Offices That Grow With You

The rent office and meeting solutions can be tailor made to meet customers' needs and to guarantee a flexible offer to professionals and companies. A completely furnished office in a functional and smart building.This business centre is the right place to improve your working quality, far from city noise and stress. Capodichino Airport is a 10-minute drive away.
In Centro Uffici Napoli you can find also virtual offices, registered address office services. It is possible to rent furnished offices for a few hours or for long periods, providing secretarial services, elect your registered office address, virtual office. It is possible to rent temporary offices quickly, occasionally or permanently.

Business Centres Naples Southern Italy Business Centres Naples Southern Italy






Open an office in Naples easily

The Centro Uffici Napoli Business Centre offers companies the possibility to lease small and large furnished offices equipped according to specific productivity and flexibility needs thanks to the full-service contracts. For each of our offices you will be able to conveniently and extremely quickly organise all the workstations you need for either short, medium or long-term periods yet always in a flexible way. Your office in Naples now, we will take care of everything.

The leasing fee includes all the indispensable services and technologies that your personnel needs to work.

In fact, at the Centro Uffici Napoli Business Centre, full-service is a synonym of serenity for your company, as we take care of everything, so you will be able to focus on increasing the turnover of your company headquarters near Naples, in a cosy, functional, working environment specifically structured according to your company procedures and hierarchies.

Stress-free office: There is no need for you to worry about furnishing and constructing your working environment as we will take care of everything, you only need to inform us of how many desks you need and the desired layout you require.


Services Offices
  • Ready office, already furnished and wired in order to fulfil your needs. Office layout, number of desks and the layout of the office as requested

  • Dedicated telephone/fax lines, to be written on letterheads, business cards, leaflets and on the company website, etc...)

  • Telephone number, for personalised, professional answers

  • Fax number forwarding to your email

  • Wi-Fi internet connection, fast fibre-optic internet connection

  • External and internal nameplates, with your company logo

  • Reception, to welcome your customers in a professional manner

  • Postal Box and Service, for incoming mail

  • Free parking, in private an public spaces

  • Daily cleaning of common areas.




Cut the costs, increase the profits
Full-service office contracts do not offer just management benefits but also those of an economic nature: In fact, thanks to our ready-made offices, you will actually be able to cut the costs of running an office and you will be able to treat yourself to the maximum profitability for your company.

  • No start-up costs: Our offices are already furnished, connected and can be customised.

  • No waste: You choose the exact size of the office and the number of workstations you require.

  • Expansion is convenient: You can easily expand your office as your company grows.

  • Low management costs: With the general services and utility costs already included all in one leasing fee, you will always have a high profitability index.

  • No commitments: Also for short-term contracts, without the typical commitment of classic contracts relating to the leasing of flats for office use.

  • Maximum flexibility: Easily renewable contracts for the length of time you need.


Business Centres Naples Southern Italy

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Centro Uffici Napoli




Centro Uffici Napoli

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